Newport & Pend Orielle County

Newport & Pend Orielle County

Newport, Washington became the Pend Oreille County seat in 1911. The county is situated in the northeastern corner of Washington and was originally part of Stevens County. Newport is the largest city in Pend Oreille County and is nestled along the Pend Oreille River at the Washington-Idaho border approximately 40 miles north-east of Spokane. Content Courtesy of City of Newport.

Newport was named for being a landing site for the first steam boat on the Pend Orielle river.  In 1895 the Talmadge brothers, Charles and Warren, acquired 40 acres of land and formed the “Newport, Washington Land Company” and platted the townsite of Newport, Washington. From its early inception, a controversy began over the location of the post office, then located in Newport, Idaho. By 1901 the town of Newport, Washington had a population of over 200. Because the majority of the population was on the Washington side, the United States Postmaster General issued an order requiring the post office to be moved from the Idaho to the Washington side of Newport. This action officially eliminated the town of Newport, Idaho, and established the town of Newport, Washington. Newport, Idaho remained on the maps as an unincorporated village until April 1947, when the town was incorporated and the name Oldtown was officially adopted.

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Newport & The Pend Orielle