South Hill Spokane

South Hill Spokane

How does one define and organize the South Hill into a neighborhood? For those familiar with the area, they will be the first to tell you that the South Hill is a collective of neighborhoods with different neighborhood centers, architectural styles, development eras, walkability, and boundaries. For the purposes of ranking Spokane’s Best Neighborhoods, how does one choose between the neighborhoods surrounding Manito or Cannon Hill or Cliff Park or Hutton or Rockwood or High Drive?

It’s a nearly impossible task to rank each of these neighborhoods against each other but, taken together, they are what form the backbone of Spokane’s Best Neighborhoods, otherwise known as the South Hill. It is the preferred destination amongst most locals. Kids on the north side aspire to buy a home on the South Hill when they grow up, and when kids growing up on the South Hill leave home, leave Spokane, in search of something new and exciting only to discover that what they are searching for is a place, a neighborhood, that emulates in every way the best of the South Hill, only to discover there is no comparison, that the bar for neighborhoods was set by running around and riding bikes and walking to school and growing up on the South Hill. That’s when those kids, now adults, come back. And when they return they search for a place on the South Hill that stirs all those nostalgic, warm memories, and they realize they want the same for their children.

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